What is Belly Dance?

The dance form we call “Belly Dance” is derived from traditional women’s dances of the Middle East and North Africa. The Ancient Art of Belly Dancing is as timeless as the beatings of the drums. In these areas, women have always belly danced, at parties, at family gatherings and during rites of passage.
This woman’s social dancing eventually evolved into belly dancing as entertainment (”Dans Oryantal” in Turkish and “Raqs Sharqi” in Arabic). Although the history of belly dancing is murky prior to the late 1800s, many experts believe its roots go back to the temple rites of India and Egypt.

Probably the greatest misconception about belly dance is that it is intended to entertain men. Because segregation of the sexes was common in the part of the world that produced belly dancing, men often were not allowed to be present.

Why Belly Dance?

Alexandra says that belly dance has many effects on women, not only giving fitness with fun and hauntingly beautiful music but camaraderie, as women bond and make new friends. The health and fitness side of it increases strength in the abdominals, lower hack, arms and legs and increases the flexibility in the entire hack and all the joints.

On the spiritual side, women celebrate themselves, honouring their body and their soul, recreating the ancient dance of the Egyptian Goddess of Abundance and Fertility. And on the fun side – learning to dance with a cheeky and vibrant attitude raises your confidence and comfortability with yourself and your body.

Who can Belly Dance?

Many women of all ages nationalities, shapes and sizes dance to celebrate their life.

Picture this: Colourful Bedouin men drum around the campfires of a Persian oasis while their exotic women tell their stories of life.

Dancing to the heartbeat of creation, remembering their maidenhood, their courtship, the seduction of their marriage, the birth of their children and the simple joy of being a woman. Even the elders are revered dancers, as their grace, confidence and inner beauty tells of their peace and happiness to grow old.

The dance of the belly. The dance of life.
Do I have to enroll?

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Can I attend and pay as a casual student?

Casual classes are $20 per class. I only offer casual class at my own discretion, and only if there is space in the class. By paying the term fee, even if you miss out on 2 classes, (which you can make up) then the term fee is still a more economic way to go. Paying your term fee will also help with your commitment and success at learning.

What if I miss a class?

You may do a make-up class in any other class during the same term.

Can I start part way through the term?

Yes! Each week we learn something new, and it may take you a while to get the moves comfortable in your body, so better late than never! Many students stay in the beginner level for 2 or 3 terms.
You will only be charged a term fee for the remaining part of the term