Central Coast’s Premier School of Belly Dance in Toukley – Desert Flame.


offers fun classes & unique entertainment  !


2018 TERM  1 

TOUKLEY :    Toukley Library Community Hall.    Cnr Main & Victoria Rds,  Toukley
WEDNESDAY:       31st January to 11th April    @ 5.45 pm  (beginners)
(NO class on Feb 21st)
10 week term :  Adults $165     –       Student / Teen:  discount

Casual Class :  Adult $20  –  Student / Teen :  $15

For Advanced Egyptian & Advanced Tribal Classes – call Sandra for details           (also on Wednesday night at 7 & 8 pm)


GOROKAN :    Call  Vashti  for  details  on      0402 833 820 

                                                            Thursdays:  Start Feb 8 – April 12 – 10 week term
                                                  Teens   5-6pm   /   Tribal Beginners   6:30-7:30pm

“A STUNNING SUCCESS !”     ANNUAL CONCERT  2017  –   SUNDAY SEPTEMBER  10th   –    1.30 – 3.30 pm  
Tickets at the door  –  Adults:  $20  /  Pensioners:  $12  /  Kids ( 6-16)  $8  



Alexandra is a passionate, fun & very experienced teacher and performer.  For over 20  years many happy students are eager for their secret woman’s business time !   The ancient art of belly dance is as timeless as the beating of the drums.

The dance of the belly.    The dance of life.

Dance to the heart beat of creation – remember your maidenhood, the passion of your courtships, the birth of children, and dance for the simple joy of being a woman !

Belly dancers celebrate themselves.

So honour your body and soul – recreate the ancient dance of the Egyptian goddesses of abundance and fertility.    And on the fun side – learn to dance with a cheeky and vibrant  attitude, raise your confidence and sense of joy within your body, your mind and your spirit !



joyful and diverse, sensual and artistic – capture the spirit of Egyptian Cabaret, Classical or Traditional Folkloric, Ghawazi Gypsy or the earthy American Tribal Style of this ancient, exotic dance.

With accompanying props such as  swords, veils, canes or the majestic  Isis Wings to enhance her performance.

Dance – to be entertained or to enrich and free you spirit!
Be transported to another place and time!

Belly Dance is elegant and graceful, celebrating in the female spirit, and the strength and beauty of the female form, regardless of age or size.

The term “Belly dancing” arose after the French called the art “dance du ventre,” or “dance of the stomach.” But throughout history, this art has gone by several names. The Greek called it “Ciftetelli.”   In Turkey, it was known as “Rakkasa.”  Egyptians called it “Raks Sharqi” or “Dance of the East.”  Other Middle Easterners called it “Danse Orientale”  which identifies belly dancing as a type of art that came from outside their own culture.

Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance in recorded history. Artifacts show that belly dancing began its 6000-year (or longer) history in Mesopotamia, the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, or modern-day Iraq. Historians have found early evidence of belly dancing in art from Egyptian, Turkish and Phoenician cultures  which flourished in the general Middle Eastern area.


“1001 NIGHTS”  – 14th  ANNUAL CONCERT  – Sunday Nov 11th   2012


What an amazing and emotional concert.  I truly enjoyed myself.  The costumes were great and the dances and dancers were lovely.  Great choreographies.  I thought I had a favourite but then then would be another and another.

Oooohhhhhhhh your sword dance.  Wow.  Loved the music and you looked fantastic then into your drum solo.

Congratulations on a wonderful concert and the inspiration and encouragement you have given so many others to make them shine and feel wonderful.

It was great…..  I was laughing, I was crying, I was gasping, I was clapping, I was amazed, I was in awe….

thanks –  Kim