TOUKLEY :   See Home page for details  –  Wednesday nights

For Advanced and Tribal : Call Sandra for details:   0404 462 284

* * * * * *

**  YOU CAN START AT  ANY TIME !!  If you start part way through – We simply adjust your term fee !


* Discount for school students &  those taking multiple classes


Cnr Victoria & Main Rds, Toukley

Beautiful  wooden floor and full size mirrors


BEGINNERS  EGYPTIAN:    Weds     5.45 – 6.45  pm

ADVANCED  EGYPTIAN:     Weds    7.00 – 8.00 pm

TRIBAL :           Weds   8.00 – 9.00 pm

please contact Alexandra for details – 0404 462 284


Student Testimony
Thank you Sandra,
I have so much fun at your classes,  it has inspired me to keep dancing the feminine spirit with women, calling in the divine –  together thru dance – a profound practice that feels to me,  to be a necessary right of passage for all women.
Big blessings to you beautiful woman and big thankyous from my heart
Allana  2013


Do I have to enroll?

There is no enrolment fee, but you may need to pay a deposit to secure your place in the class.   Please give me a call to let me know you are coming !
You will need to fill out a Student Detail Form, and sign in each week as you arrive at the hall, for insurance purposes. Contact Alexandra for further info.


How much does a course cost?

This depends on how long I make each term, usually the term is in alignment with the school terms, but not always !  I allow you to pay the off the Term Fee  in installments over the FIRST 4 weeks of the term, and  I give a discount to students or teens, or if you take more than one class during the week.

Can I attend and pay as a casual student?

Casual classes are $20 per class.   I only offer casual class at my own discretion, and only if there is space in the class. By paying the term fee, even if you miss out on 2 classes,  then the term fee is still a more economic way to go. Paying your term fee will also help with your commitment and success at learning.


What if I miss a class?

If you are going away on holidays for more than 2 weeks during a term, and if you ask and you make arrangements with me  in advance,  I will reduce your fees accordingly.

Can I start part way through the term?

Yes! Each week we learn something new, and it may take you a while to get the moves comfortable in your body, so better late than never!  Most  students stay in the beginner level for around a year.
You will only be charged a term fee for the remaining part of the term.